Интегрированные сети ISDN

Таблица 1 - часть 3


Снова вводим 1 (WHOIS-сервер) и получаем на экране:

invoking interface "de", please wait....

Welcome to the SWITCHdirectory Service

Connecting to the Directory - wait just a moment please...

You can use this directory service to look up telephone numbers and electronic mail addresses of people and organizations participating in the Pilot Directory Service.

The interface offers several MODES of usage. Type ?modes for an explanation about the modes. You can change the mode by typing one of the following option letters at the prompt for a PERSON's name.


Simple queries - the original style of this interface


Powerful, multiple organization searches


Yellow pages queries (uses power searching)


Input queries in user-friendly name format


Menu to select modes or access help facilities

At any prompt:


for HELP with the current question you are being asked


for HELP on HELP


to quit the Directory Service


to abandon current query or entry of current query

Simple query mode selected

Поищем "любые организации, известные в России", введя * в ответ на вопрос организации. Получаем:

Department name, <CR> to search, * to list, ? for help

:- *

Organisation name, <CR> to search, * to list orgs, ? for help

:- *

Country name, <CR> to search, * to list countries, ? for help

:- Russia (далее следует результат поиска по данному запросу)

Found the following entries. Please select one from the list by typing the number corresponding to the entry you want.

Russian Federation

1 J.S.C. Mineralnye Udobreniya

2 Moscow State University

3 Radom-Vostok

Organization name, <CR> to search, * to list orgs, ? for help

Не много, но все же..... (пример относится к 1994 году)

Печатаем 2 и получаем:

Russian Federation

Moscow State University

In the meantime, displaying organization details.

For information on people or departments, try again a little later.

Russian Federation

Moscow State University

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